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Are you a photographer and need to grow your photography business?

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Imagine This…

You find this incredible photographer who seems to always have their calendar booked. Their editing style is pure magic and they constantly produce original work. 

You reach out to them to simply ask to assist them at their next shoot doing whatever it is they would need a hand with. You won’t be taking away any of their time, asking them a bunch of questions and you wouldn’t even bring your own camera. You just want to watch and learn without disrupting their business, and help them at the same time.


They respond with a resounding “NO.” Maybe a nicer kind of “no” by just not ever responding to you out of fear of competition. 

Have you ever felt like you can’t get the help you need?

Have you ever felt like other photographers don’t want to share how they achieved their successes?


You just want to know how to book more clients

You want to be a part of an actual helping community

You want to create full-time with your photography

Hey, I’m Myles Berrio

I am a published full-time traveling wedding photographer based out of Greenville, South Carolina. I want to help you book more clients and save you time, money and all of the headaches I experienced throughout my own career. Photography has been the most dream come true experience for me, but it wasn’t easy and I made a lot of mistakes. Mainly because I didn’t have someone guiding me every step of the way. I want to help YOU because I know what beautiful dream lifestyle this business can bring, but I also know what it felt like learning alone. 

I would love to learn with you how to grow my photography business!

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OKKKKK thank you for this! SO helpful, SO encouraging…Looking forward to these emails and learning a lot from you! Isadora

Wedding Photographer


Thank you…if you only had any idea what this sort of thing means to me. I’m excited to follow your journey and your guidance. Can’t wait to learn as much as I can from someone who is living my dream. You’re a good man for sharing all of this. Alex

Wedding Photographer

Myles — Seriously LOVE this message and cannot wait to start listening to your podcast! Hannah

Fashion Portrait Photographer

My mission is to help 1,000 photographers live their dream photography career

Because I know if I am, then you for sure can too! I did not study photography in school. I do not have a huge social media following. I only own one lens and one Canon 6D camera body. So, if you feel like you’re not “popular enough”, don’t “know enough” or have the latest and newest camera gear, I’m here to show you how I built my dream photography career out of failing fast and hard work.

In just under 36 months I've photographed and booked...


100+ Weddings

400+ Portrait sessions

With several major brands like Target, Netflix and UberEATs

In several different countries as a wedding photographer like Mexico, Canada and Belize

Many celebrities and influencers like actress Jamie Chung, musician Daiyan Trisha and blogger Mary Leest

If you are a photographer and want more bookings, more time freedom and to travel the world

This community is for you

I want to personally invite you in being a part of my mission to help 1,000 photographers live their dream photography career. 

I know you can do it and I’m here to help you every step of the way.

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This is something I have been extremely excited to bring to this industry. I remember listening to a very successful photographer talk about their favorite lenses and how they have two 5D Mark IV’s in their bag and two of every other lens you can think of. While that is probaly helpful to their business, it doesn’t really help you grow your business. That’s not this podcast.
Here, you’ll hear me share my most expensive lessons you’ll hopefully never have to go through. You’ll hear me share the most common mistakes I see most photographers making. I’m so transparent I have my own personal accountant talk about bad photography practices and even where I went wrong.
I don’t want to teach you about shutter speed or how to edit like your favorite photographer. Those are all things you can find on your own.
I don’t want to be your teacher in general. I want to be your friend who shares with you everything I possibly can think of that helped me in my business to help you on your journey.
Can’t wait to connect with you and share everything that happened Behind The Lens.

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